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H&H Concrete Construction is a premium supplier of construction materials located in Mount Airy, MD. We have been serving the local community for more than 30 years, and we continue to provide the best solutions for all sorts of building projects.

We offer materials that can be delivered to your site. From fill dirt, road salt, virgin stone and sand to materials to the materials we make on our own which include recycled concrete, recycled asphalt, and screened topsoil.


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Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have become known as one of the most reputable building product suppliers in the area. Many contractors, architects, landscapers, and homeowners choose us when they search for “construction materials near me” online.

Why Choose H&H Concrete Construction for Building Materials?

The construction industry today is increasingly becoming more competitive. That’s why having access to the right supplier is necessary since they can provide you with the best materials to succeed in your project.

At H&H Concrete Construction, we can supply you with all the products you need for your construction work. Here are the main reasons why customers prefer us over other suppliers:

We Offer a Broad Range of Construction Materials

Our 30+ years of experience serving the local community has allowed us to expand our range of products and materials to meet the needs of various construction projects. You can find all the supplies you need from us, so you don’t have to bother sourcing them elsewhere.

The building materials we have available vary in quality and price. Our inventory allows you to build your own selection of products based on your requirements.

We Guarantee Prompt Delivery of Supplies

When preparing for a construction project, even the smallest of delays can lead to financial losses in the long run. That’s why it’s vital to get the necessary materials on time, so work on the project can begin immediately.

At H&H Concrete Construction, we ensure prompt delivery of the supplies you need from us, so you don’t have to worry about products arriving late.

We Practice Responsible Sourcing

All construction material suppliers need to follow responsible sourcing practices — not only to save our environment but also to discourage dangerous working conditions. They should check to see how their supplies were produced and that they were manufactured by reputable companies.

Customers continuously depend on us at H&H Concrete Construction because we source all of our products correctly.

We Prioritize Your Construction Needs

Our team at H&H Concrete Construction always asks each customer what they plan to construct even before we suggest or sell them anything. For example, if you’re looking to purchase gravel, sand, and cement, we’ll normally ask what you want to use these construction materials for before moving forward.

Besides selling the right products, we also want to educate customers on what we believe are the best options they can have for their desired applications.

We Have Readily Available Supplies

Nothing beats a construction materials supplier that has stock readily available in their facility. Since we also produce some of our supplies, we can provide you with the products you need straight from our warehouses.

We also have access to an extensive network of other providers that can easily ship items to your location as needed.

Reasons To Invest in Quality Construction Materials

People have two options when it comes to construction projects: getting things done the right way or skimping on materials to save on cost. Products that are valued at a lower rate often mean they are of lower quality.

When planning your project, choosing a good balance of materials and finishes is important while keeping the costs within budget.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in quality construction materials:

Quality Supplies Have Been Tested and Proven

High-quality building materials are products that have undergone extensive testing to show that they are durable and functional. Many of them will have the backing of laboratory tests and real-world references as well.

When you buy cheap alternatives, you’re often supplied items that don’t offer the same level of strength and consistency. You’ll also be left unsure as to what you’re actually getting.

Quality Supplies Are Eco-Friendly

Most quality building supplies that are sold today are often made in a sustainable manner. Besides that, these products are usually produced so that they’ll last for a long time without issues.

Having a longer lifespan means that these materials will not only save you money in the future but also cut down expenses for replacing them.

Quality Supplies Offer Good Warranties

Choosing to invest in quality materials means that you’ll get a warranty for the items you purchase. You can expect comprehensive and long-term support concerning the failure and defects of these products.

In the long run, this means saving on costs while giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Quality Supplies Come From Reputable Manufacturers

High-quality building materials are supplied by companies who have established themselves with ideal reputations in the industry. With that said, these providers will usually respond immediately in case there are issues with their shipments.

They also provide satisfactory after-sales customer service, replacement policies, and even inspections to ensure everything is up to standard. We make sure to meet standards like these to provide peace of mind to our clients.

Construction Materials Near Me

Nothing beats getting the building supplies you need from a trusted provider. At H&H Concrete Construction, we provide our customers with top-notch materials that they need for their construction projects.

We believe in providing an array of building products, so you have options to choose from. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the right materials, as they have the knowledge, training, and experience in the industry.

H&H Concrete Construction will guide you from product selection all the way to the delivery of the supplies to your location.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (301) 831-7200 or contact us to place your order.

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